Want to Know More?
What do you need from me to get started?

First, we’ll need to hop on a call with you to help us better understand your vision. We’ll ask you a few questions to get to know you better and what you’re looking for — don’t worry, it’s going to be fun! We love tailoring the experience to exactly what you’re picturing. Then we’ll begin designing and coordinating your big day — working as closely with you as you’d like.


On March 7, 2020 the State of New York officially declared virtual weddings legal. We expect that most other states will follow shortly.

Without a clarifying announcement from each state, it is a difficult question to answer precisely because of the definition of the requirements for the officiant. Some say the officiant must be physically present, others interpret that as simply “present” (virtual or otherwise). 

Our official advice to you is to consult your officiant and your local town or city marriage license bureau, and ask specifically about whether virtual weddings are allowed.  Or contact us and we can talk it through with you further.

How many people can attend my wedding?

The guest count is completely up to you! It’s best to think of your guests as “screen invitations,” as it’s possible you’ll have multiple guests joining from one screen (perhaps one couple and their 2 kids are joining from one screen – that’s 4 guests, but only 1 screen invitation is needed). Your iDoTV Broadcast includes 100 screen invitations.


Of course! We can host an honor the date ceremony. Also, we love to arrange anything from a coordinated champagne toast to broadcasted speeches, a virtual dance party, collaborated cocktail class, a bachelor/ette party, group songwriting… and nearly anything else you can think of. Let’s get creative!

How will it work with my officiant?

We can walk through the process with your officiant. They’ll join us at your rehearsal so they’re prepared for the ceremony. If you need an officiant or member of clergy, we’re happy to source one for you.

How much does it cost?

Our Signature package is $7,500. As each event is uniquely customized, the total cost depends on your desired experience. Learn more about customizations here.

Who is involved in a virtual wedding?

Just like an in-person wedding, you, your sweetie, and your officiant or clergy will be the primary focus of the broadcast. Guests attending the wedding will join through a separate video streaming service. Our team will be on the back-end controlling production and our technicians will ensure that everyone’s set up and comfortable.

Who will be planning my wedding?

We have expert event planners and wedding designers ready to help you visualize, plan, and execute the big day. Day of, we’ll make sure your lighting is good to go, your dress and bow ties are tidy, and even place the order for your champagne or cake delivery.

Where do you offer your services?

We all work remotely and our services are offered everywhere. Literally everywhere.

What equipment will we need?

Basic events will need at least a good webcam and good internet quality (10Mbps Up/Down minimum). We highly recommend improving the audio with a microphone and possibly a better camera. An an option, we can provide additional equipment and even technicians to help to improve the way you look and sound. We can talk you through everything. 

Can I host my wedding/celebration anywhere?

Absolutely. As long as you have reliable internet connection, safe surroundings, and adequate lighting, you can host your celebration anywhere and anytime.

Can my guests dress up for my wedding?

Yes, we encourage it! We can even talk through adding virtual photo booths and slideshows that let your guests show off their outfits and make memorable keepsakes.

Can my guests eat and drink during the virtual wedding?

We are happy to coordinate a formal reception that lets guests eat and drink together on camera. We can also arrange for virtual champagne toasts. Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!


With your permission, we can mute or even screen him out 🙂

Who is the host/emcee of my wedding?

Our signature package includes an iDoTV host. We’ll be in the background as a gentle reminder and guide. As guests arrive on-screen, we’ll provide a host to welcome and guide your guests through the experience. We’ll make sure that everyone is set up and ready to go and is prepared to follow the house guidelines (stay muted, take screen shots, etc). Most of the speaking will come from your officiant, guest speakers, and of course — the lovely couple.

How many meetings do we need?

After an initial consult, we’ll have a better sense of all the personal details for your wedding. We have a technical director, set designer, and wedding coordinator to elevate every aspect of your wedding. Finally, we’ll host a rehearsal meeting with any and all folks who plan to speak during the ceremony — we consider this very important!

Can you create a timeline?

Yes, absolutely. We’ll work with you to make sure all guests who will be speaking know the timeline and proper cues as well.

I'm a little nervous. Tell me something else.

This is a strange and uncertain time, but we’re here for you through thick and thin. Our team of wedding experts has come together to take some stress off you and yours and make your virtual wedding as fun and relaxing and immersive as possible! This will be a fun and unique alternative to your big day… and we’re excited to share in your love and broadcast your joy out to the world!

How long does it last?

This is your wedding, and it can can last as long or as short as you’d like! Our package includes up to 2.5 hours — but you’re welcome to add on more time from there.

What does the fee include?
I don't need your wedding planning; I already have a planner. How will this work?

No worries! We will hop on a few calls to get planning with everyone — then we’ll simply handle the virtual planning, video streaming, and timeline for you to make sure we properly execute you and your wedding planner’s vision. We’ll lean on your planner for the specifics and coordinate with them as needed.

I’m a wedding planner / vendor, can you work with me and my clients?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a planner, photographer, or florist, we’re here for you and your clients. Contact us directly at info@idotv.com and we’ll schedule a call to get started.

How do you handle contracts and payment processing?

Once you’ve decided, we’ll send over a contract for you to sign. We require a 50% security deposit at signing and the remaining 50% the day of your rehearsal.

What about guest communication/invitations?

We have a guide for guest communications. We can send a timeline and wording for you to custmize for your guests or we can send it directly to your guests.