Love Won’t Wait

You’re ready — even when the physical world isn’t fit to host your big day.

Maybe you’ve decided to keep your date and go ahead with the ceremony. Or you want an honor the date ceremony. Maybe you’ve decided to elope. Whatever the reason, let us give you the fabulous celebration you deserve.

Our team of high-end designers and event coordinators will work with you to plan the (digital) wedding of your dreams. Then help you broadcast it out to the world.


iDOtv™ Ceremony Broadcast

Impression is everything. This is way more than a video conference. The iDOtv broadcast platform allows you to become the star of a live TV production designed with graphics, titles, backgrounds and other touches styled just for you by our team of creative designers and expert technicians. You and your guests will feel like cast members of an exciting, precision special event — transforming your wedding into a wonderfully memorable moment for everyone.


Our Service

Everyone involved will feel the magic of a custom-designed, expertly choreographed, tasteful celebration of love that will provide memories for you both for a lifetime.

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When You Want to Share the Day
with All Those You Love

Apart But Still Together

These are weird and unprecedented times. But even when your guests can’t physically make it to your wedding, we’ll integrate them into an immersive digital experience that makes it feel like they’re right there with you.

Enjoy the intimacy of a destination wedding — with all the comforts of a family gathering.


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